ABT Network
the Next Generation Blockchain Network

Your Interoperable Blockchain Super Highway

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What is the ABT Network

A generation network designed to expand and add new blockchains while improving performance and capacity as the network grows.

Scalable and Flexible

Chains, Assets, & More

Supports multi-tokens, data, assets, and user identity. No more performance problems, no more scalability problems.

Public & Private Chains

Many Networks

Private chains, support your public chains. It's like your own blockchain superhighway built for your users, assets and transactions.

One Place to Build and Run

Your Launchpad

Everything you need to build, run and use DApps including cloud computing infrastructure like AWS or Azure, or use your own to run your DApps.

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Why Use ABT Network

One Chain to Many


Build your networks and never experience poor performance again.

Everything Works


ABT Network supports interconnected chains ensuring interoperability and indepedence of each network.

You Own It


There is no central controller or hub, your network maintains sovereignty and ensures your data remains yours.

Block Explorers

Explorer the ArcBlock Network using the official universal block explorer including the blockchain timeline, or monitor network status with a community-maintained block explorers.

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Official Explorer

Community Explorer

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